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VCL Sound Experience Digitizes its Operations with Odoo to Keep Up with Industrial & Technological Standards

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1. VCL Sound Experience Digitizes its Operations with Odoo to Keep Up with Industrial & Technological Standards The beginning of VCL Sound Experience’s dates back to the early eighties, when Mr. Luis Wassmann began manufacturing the Multikino 35mm cinema projectors in the family company. His product was unique as he managed to deliver a fantastic product at a low cost, which quickly made the Multikino series a huge success worldwide for small to medium cinemas. Since then Luis has come along way and now VCL Sound Experience designs, manufactures and markets, two successful brands; LW Speakers and Aurea.

4. Odoo Exceeds Expectations by Solving Unnoticed Problems After implementing Odoo, VCL Sound Experience immediately felt a huge impact. Their system had undergone a complete change and now every process was standardized - everything from quotations and sales orders, to manufacturing and invoicing. With a simple i ntegrated system, they no longer face the issue of stumbling upon duplicates or several different versions of the same information in their outdated system. Having a fully integrated system has also made it easier for all managers and operational employees to have access to relevant documents, which has dramatically reduced the hours spent in status meetings, updating everyone on the current situation. VCL Sound Experience really felt and appreciated the advantages of a digital management system. Now they a re able to access any information they need 24/7, from any location and any device. This means that people are now capable of working from any location and hardly any physical storage space in the office is needed as everything has moved to a cloud, which also allows them to cut costs as less office space is needed. Implementing Odoo has been a great move for VCL Sound Experience, and assisted them to further continue their growth.

5. About VCL Sound Experience VCL Sound Experience was founded by Mr. Luis Wassmann, who has become a legend in the cinema business after 40 years in the industry. The eighties marked the beginning of his success with the Multikino series, but it was in the early nineties when he really made a name for himself. At that time , when Dolby® systems entered the cinema market and cinema owners began investing more in both image and sound equipment, it encouraged Mr. Luis to diversify his business. He created a new brand of cinema speakers which were a complete package of both proj ection and sound, suitable for cinemas of all sizes. But it wasn’t until around 2004 that Luis decided to invest everything he had in a spin - off company, that would only manufacture his own cinema speakers series - and in 2006, he had realized his dream an d VCL Sound Experience was up and running. he company launched a new brand, LuisWaSSmann, using some early technology based on his previous speaker models, which eventually evolved into their current brand, LW Speakers. This was an important moment for VCL Sound Experience as they greatly boosted their technology, production and sales figures. Today it’s known as a world - class range of cinema speakers. In 2015, the company launched their second brand, Aurea, which was specifically designed for the home cine ma sector. The company has a long history in the professional cinema speaker industry, and throughout the years VCL Experience has, and will remain committed to quality, knowledge and experti se, and consistent improvement. More info on: , and http://aureabylw .com/

2. A Paper - Based System Limits Growth Possibilities in a Digital Era In 2004, after gaining several years of experience in the business, Luis Wassmann decided that it was time to venture out and start his own company. Two years later, VCL Sound Experience was formally established. The company started off with one brand, Lui sWaSSmann, which later became LW Speakers, and then in 2015 they had added their second line of speakers, Aurea. As the company grew they realized that in order to maintain efficiency and continue growth, their business management system had to change. Bef ore starting the implementation of Odoo in 2014, the company faced numerous problems because they were running their entire operation with a mixture of an Excel and paper - based system. Using their outdated system some of the issues the company faced includ ed: • Having too many papers and spreadsheets to work with, meant that they often faced the issue of accidentally duplicating documents such as sales orders, invoices, etc., plus there was a risk of misplacing or losing important information. • With their exce l and paper - based system they were unable to correctly track their sales orders. • Customer management became a hassle as the company grew, since they kept track of their customers on paper, which meant they could not locate and extract information quickly, but instead had to sort through a stack of papers. • It was impossible to extract accurate statistics and reports from a system comprised of hundreds of paper documents. • Manufacturing orders were made in Excel and passed on to the factory, and without any pr oduct references or connection with the inventory, it was difficult to keep track of what was in stock and which components had to be ordered from their suppliers.

3. A Step - By - Step Approach Ensured a Rapid Adoption of the Odoo Solution VCL Sound Experience had long outgrown its paper - based system and wanted to digitalize the whole company in order to be able to keep up with today’s industrial and technological standards. In order to achieve their objectives and marketing needs, several s trategic actions were needed, and Odoo played a huge part in the process. The key was to digitalize all their processes. VCL Sound Experience started using Odoo with only 2 users and a few apps, and they soon realized the value of Odoo and how good a fit i t was for them, and then expanded incrementally. Phase one was to implement the core apps needed for their internal processes; Odoo Purchase , Inventory , Manufacturing , Sales and Invoicing . Phase two involved bringing the new digital process to their custom ers, so the next step was to implement; Odoo CRM , Website and eCommerce. • Having everything standardized and with Odoo minimizes the risk of information getting lost and duplicates being made. • With Odoo Manufacturing they can now generate manufacturing orde rs which are sent directly to the factory. Thanks to the integration with Odoo Inventory , they’re able to keep track of their stock and make sure that suppliers are notified in time and with the correct order information. • As the sole distributor of Italian composed quality speakers in Spain, using the Odoo eCommerce app they run their online store and manage to sell their products throughout the country.


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